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Arbie, a Miami native, discovered his passion for music at the age of 10. Beginning with the church drumline, he honed his piano and audio production skills. At 14, Arbie joined YOUmedia Miami, a program by the Miami Dade Public Library Systems, delving into multimedia production for teens.

His journey took a compassionate turn at 16 when he led a performing arts program for special needs individuals aspiring for a career in music under the Socialization Education and Employment (S.E.E.) Foundation. Engaging in initiatives like food drives, where they fed over 2,000 families, and organizing the Beyond our Abilities Special Games, hosting 200 special needs individuals in athletic competitions, Arbie's commitment to public service was ignited.

This dedication led him to pursue public office, securing internships in the Florida House and eventually a position in the Florida Senate. Presently, Arbie serves as the Lead Audio Engineer at International Music Group Studios. As the CEO of his production company, he oversees the execution of diverse multimedia projects and manages the Liberty City Chapter of the Miami Music Project as its Site Manager.

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