A Born Leader

Born on January 22nd 1998, to a Christian musical family in Miami Gardens,  Florida. Arbie has always focused on perfection so that he can encourage and empower others. At the age of 10 he joined his local faith-based community program (The JPM Enrichment Centre) a community organization providing enrichment programs for the children, youth and young adults.  Arbie’s grew a love for music as a part of the Drum Corp there. In his teen years his love and commitment to music added the piano to his repertoire. Arbie along with close friends became an Associate Producer for Jaguar Studios.  Then at 16 he started Godly People Music and it’s subsidiary Godly People Radio. After 2 years Arbie began to focus on inspirational music and wanted to prove that secular artist could make hits without morally compromising themselves. With his 1st debut Album “Atlas” he did just that. Since then Arbie now sits as the Executive Director of the Socialization, Education, and Employment (S.E.E) Foundation. He now serves with Miami Dade Public Library Systems as a Library Media Project Instructor. Teaching teens multimedia production.


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